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The frenzied market has caused a big change in N.J. real estate — more cash buyers –

More buyers in New Jersey’s red-hot real estate market are relying on an old virtue to get their offers accepted — cash is king.

Real estate agents throughout the state have said their buyers are often losing bidding wars to offers that are cash, meaning the sale is not contingent upon the buyer getting a mortgage to close. Cash buyers also run the risk of losing their deposit, so their offers are seen as more committed. And an appraisal isn’t needed for a cash purchase, eliminating another contingency.

According to a data comparison prepared by the Otteau Group, the number of cash closings in March 2020 compared to the number in March 2021 rose 4% statewide. But those sales that closed in March were likely inked in December or January, so the trend is expected to continue to emerge in closing data.

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