New Yorker gives ‘insane’ tour of her renovated 300-square-foot apartment: ‘Transforming a shoebox into a home’ – Yahoo Entertainment


A TikToker is going viral after sharing the “insane” makeover she gave her New York studio apartment.

New York City resident @tpayne0, who goes by Tiffany on the app, shared the “insane” revamp during a video posted in late January. Her clip has since drawn nearly 2 million views.

It’s easy to see why. Tiffany’s clip begins with an empty unit — just 300 square feet of space — and ends with a fully decorated, fully serviceable space. 

TikTok has had a longstanding fascination with New York City apartments, which can often be very small, very strange or a hilarious combination of both. That’s why, earlier this month, a 25-year-old stunned TikTok when she showed just how luxurious her East Village apartment is. And then there’s Axel Webber, the now-mega-famous TikToker who first went viral for explaining how he lives in one of the city’s “smallest” apartments

Tiffany’s apartment falls at some intersection of those previous viral units. Her place started as basically just a small, square room with a kitchen. However, she managed to turn it into something impressive.

Tiffany’s clip quickly cuts to how her apartment looks now after she moved in and decorated. In just 300 square feet, she has a living room setup, a sizable bed, a desk area and plenty of creative shelving. 

“Transforming a shoebox into a home,” her video’s caption reads. 

Commenters were blown away by the redesign. Many praised the use of furniture and wall art to give the place a roomier feel.

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“You made this look better than my 1,000-square-foot home,” one user wrote

“That’s beautiful. You turned a place into a vibe,” another agreed.

“Excellent use of space,” another wrote

Many also asked where Tiffany got the furniture to pull it off, so she followed up with another video answering that question. 

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