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5 fun, easy and affordable ways to brighten up your outdoor space

(BPT) – If you love entertaining friends and family outdoors, you’re not alone. Transforming outdoor areas into extended living spaces continues to be a huge trend, as anything and everything from …

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Top Five Reasons Baby Boomers are Moving to this Tennessee Waterfront Community

(BPT) – More and more baby boomers are migrating to the South chasing affordability, a moderate climate and beautiful scenery. According to the 2021 U-Haul Growth Index Tennessee ranks third as the …


How to explore your inner woodworker — so you can pamper your pet

(BPT) – If you enjoy building with wood, why not put your talents to work to spoil your four-legged friend? It’s easier than you think to make something special that will get your favorite pet …


Simple pest control steps to take at home before calling an exterminator

(BPT) – Home is where the heart is, and you strive to make it a welcoming place. Whether you’re just moving in or you’ve been living in your house for decades, bugs can become a concern at any time …


Homeownership 101: The ultimate guide to lawn care

(BPT) – Amid a pandemic and a potential recession, Americans went on a near-record homebuying spree over the last couple of years. Many were first-time homebuyers and, according to, more …