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Two Gallery 14 artists share their ways of experiencing the world around them. in “The Warp of Time” Philip “Dutch” Bagley explores his view of a world always in motion. John Stritzinger takes a closer look at the world he enjoys exploring in “Tree Talk.” This shared exhibit will be at Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography Gallery in Hopewell, NJ starting April 2 to May 1. Note: Gallery 14 is closed on April 16 and 17, 2022.

Dutch see his Universe as being made up of moving parts that always are interacting with each other, colliding, overlapping, moving in parallel, encompassing everything on the planet. For him “Motion is Life!” He wonders if “the camera can really freeze that moment of time?” In his work, he finds inspiration in many forms of architecture, constructions and living organisms focusing on the structure of those lines, shapes, and angles and how they communicate and interact with each other. As he works, he wonders “what if…or how would they move, if they were set free.” Objects are shot from multiple angles and positions, with each shot leading him to the next image. He becomes one with his camera, “creating a new life for images that can stand on their own.” His images are real, they are abstracts and they come from within. See his wonderful images on his website:

John Stritzinger takes a more meditative or transcendental approach to his images in “Tree Talk.”  He has become smitten by trees, and their conversations with each other. As he wanders through the trees, he not only sees the shapes and textures, but he takes a moment, perhaps closing his eyes in a bit of meditation, to hear the sounds they make as the wind rushes through, or the branches touch in a special symphony. Then choosing to engage with the trees in visual stories of his conversations with the trees. Images that go beyond just taking a picture, rather capturing the natural dance and shapes of the moment.

John is a mostly self-taught photographer living in Elkins Park, PA and is an active participant in the area’s photography community.  His work has won awards while being shown in more than 60 group shows and being published in books and magazines.

“Dutch” also lives in Elkins Park, PA and has been actively involved in photography for years and works with many organizations around the area, including the Princeton Photography Club and Phillips Mill Photo Exhibition. Enjoy his images at:

Gallery 14 is located at 14 Mercer Street in Hopewell, NJ and is open from 12 to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The exhibit can also be viewed at the gallery by making an appointment at Visit their website at  to learn more about the Gallery and its members.